Can You Really Make Money With Vemma?

Can You Really Make Money With Vemma?

This hub is for the sake of educating the society of the Vemma MLM Network Marketing business. You may have heard of Vemma MLM Network Marketing Business. It has turned very popular of late and Vemma MLM Network Marketing business advertisement is everywhere. Vemma MLM Network Marketing ads are on Facebook as well as Google. Many people are advertising this product everywhere. The promises of weekly bonuses to the tunes of tens of thousands of weekly bonuses may have persuaded you to jump in to this business especially to those actively seeking an online business or part time business through internet. You may probably view the ads at the top, there must be some ads for this business with taglines such as Make Money Online, Go Vacation with Me, On vacation Make Money, Register Free Make Money and many other interesting taglines.


How Vemma Works

The Vemma MLM Network Marketing Business ads are actually baits for you register. When you have registered, then you’ll be flooded with follow-up emails from Vemma MLM Network Marketing business as well as from your uplines requesting you to join as paid member Vemma. Depending on the country, the price to join is not cheap which is between USD90 for Basic to USD1350 for Ultimate. Of course your upline enroller will urge you to join as Ultimate as they will be paid handsomely if you join the Vemma MLM Network Marketing Business as Ultimate.

First of all, I have nothing against the Vemma MLM Network Marketing business. However, all of us should have every right to evaluate before we commit ourselves to the Vemma MLM Network Marketing business. There is nothing wrong for you to study beforehand the Vemma MLM Network Marketing compensation system. The Vemma MLM Network Marketing business compensation system is spelled out in the Vemma site very clearly. When you registered with Vemma, you are given 90 days to study and try out the system.

I have actually studied and analysed the Vemma MLM Network Marketing Business compensation system. In the page, I will try to explain to you how Vemma Network Marketing pays you and it’s for you to assess whether the business is suitable for you or not.

1) First of all, joining Vemma MLM Network Marketing is not actually free. Registration is free but to become a member, you need to make a purchase of at least the Basic package which cost you USD90.

2) You are also charged USD19.90 for the Marketing website rental each month .

3) You have to make a purchase every month or what Vemma called autoship. So the total cost of maintaining Vemma MLM Network Marketing business monthly is USD109.90.

4) If you joined under Vemma Ultimate Package, you will have to fork out USD1350 and the monthly website rental of USD19.90. However, with Ultimate package, your monthly purchase or autoship will only start after 6 months. After the 6 months, you will have to purchase at least a basic pack of USD90.

So, as a comparison between the two packages, the cost involved for 6 months with Basic package will be USD659.40 while for Ultimate package, your total cost will be approximately USD1469.40. You will also need to calculate the advertising costs that you have to incur when you put your ads in Google Adwords or Facebook. The advertising costs can come to around USD70 monthly at the very least.


How Vemma Pays You

You have known roughly the costs of doing the business, now let’s look at how Vemma pays.

If you joined with a Basic package, you are entitled to a bonus payment of USD10 for every new paid member that you recruit. With the high monthly cost that you have to incur, imagine how many new members you need to recruit to breakeven? If you joined with this package, it would take you a very long time to realize your dreams. It is only suitable for those people who need to buy the Vemma products regularly and not for online entrepreneur.

So, what if you joined as Ultimate? Every new paid member that you recruit, you will get USD250, no matter what package the new member joins. If the new member joins as Ultimate, you will get a additional bonus of USD150. With the high start-up costs of this package, to breakeven faster, you will need to recruit at least 6 new paid members.

Vemma MLM Network Marketing also pays a bonus for the subsequent monthly purchases made by the downlines which is USD3 if you’re a basic member or USD36 if you’re an Ultimate member. For example, If you have 6 downlines and all your downlines made the subsequent purchases, Vemma will give you USD216 if you are Ultimate.

Besides the above bonuses, you will also get a weekly Vemma Cycle Bonus. All your downlines will be placed under two successlines. These two successlines are built by you as well as your upline but to qualify, you need to have at least 2 Paid Members that you personally enrolled.

A cycle bonus of USD25 will be paid if there is 3 sales in one successline and 6 sales in the other successline. Theoritically, you enrolled 2 members than each of them enrolled another 2 members and so on, your hierarchy of downlines will be built. When you have 12 members on your left and 24 members on your right, you will get 4 cycles and you will be paid USD100. When more people join your successlines, your cycle bonus will be bigger. This cycle bonus is calculated and paid weekly.

Why is this weekly calculation is to our disadvantage? Let’s say you already have 3 generations of downlines which is 7 on your right and 7 on your left, in total, you have 14 downlines. To get the cycle bonus, you need 3 sales on the left and 6 sales on the right. However, these 14 downlines of yours don’t buy weekly but monthly. If you’re lucky, they will buy on the same week but if they don’t, you will never get the cycle bonus. Things will probably get better whenever you have your fourth and fifth generation of downlines.



In conclusion, you need to be exceptional, willfull and patience with big bucks in your hand in order to be successful in this Vemma MLM Network Marketing business. If you are willing to invest a big chunk of your money for a long term gain, then the business is yours. If not, think twice.

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