Smart Phone’s Era – How to Make Full Use of Your Own Smart Phone

Smart Phone’s Era

We are now in the age of smart phones. The era of smart phones has begun with the introduction of the first Apple iPhone in January 2007, followed by the more advanced Google Android phones systems in November 2007. The latest is the introduction of the iPhone5 in September 2012 and the launch of the Windows 8 phones by all the major mobile manufacturers. All the tech savvies and also the not so tech savvies may have already owned the smart phones.

Before 2007, the smart phones are synonymous with Windows mobile gadgets as well as the Nokia’s Symbian based phones. The perception of the general public is that the phones are for the business on the go people and those who needs to keep their appointments up to date. Even the Blackberry phone which was first introduced in 1999 can’t shed the business perception until today thus limiting it’s appeal to the mass public.

Since the iPhone, the gap between business and entertainment usage has clearly diminished. No longer are the days when smart phones are only for business people. With the millions of devices sold, the price of the more advanced smart phones or gadgets have became cheaper. Everyone can now owns a smart phones, be it for business, entertainment, social networking and keeping in touch with friends and family.

Joining the bandwagon is easy, but with the investment you made to purchase a smart phone, no matter how small it is to you, why not make the full use of the gadgets since you already have it.

Connect to Your Office Email

So, you have the “power” in your hand. What’s more befitting than keeping in touch with your bosses? Get that office email configured on your device and start sending office email on the go. Wouldn’t it be classy to have your email signed with “Sent by My HTC” or “Sent via iPhone”.

On a serious note, getting your office email configured will be helpful especially when you are on leave or out of the office. It will keep you inform of the going-on at the office and the most important task your boss has given you. It will make you become more prepared and up to date.

Track Your Expenses

Another use of the smart phone that you can utilize is the tools to track your expenses. There are many applications available on the Android Google Play Store or iPhone Appstore that you can download for free or at a very minimal charge. You can opt to track all your expenses or may be you just want to track on a particular expense such as your fuel expenditure or your phone bill. You can get organize and manage your finances well with your very own gadget.

On the Android, there are free apps that you can make use to track expenses. One such app there is particularly good is the Moneywise. Take a look at the app and start tracking your expenses.

Keeping Fit with Your Smart Phone

Ever wonder how can you keep yourself fit with your smart phone? Yes, you can with the many apps available ranging from monitoring your calories intake to monitoring your heart beat.

The android app, Calorie Counter by MyFitnessPal, keeps tab of your daily calories intake. Based on your data, the app will calculate how much calories you can consume for the day. You will need to record in what you took for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks during the day in order for the system to calculate your remaining calories that you can consume for the day. The app will also guide you on your personal training and exercise to achieve your ideal weight goal. There are many other amdroid apps that do the same function such as Noom Weight Loss, Diet Point etc.

There is another wonderful android app that can determine your heart rate which is called Instant Heart Rate. This app is produced by Azumio Inc and being offered for free as well as for only USD3 for the Pro

World of Knowledge in the Palm of your Hand

Any question that came across your mind, you can find it on your phone. What is Happy Birthday in Telegu language? What are the other source for sugar besides sugar cane? Where in the world is Macau? How big is the African continent? Ever had these kind of questions in your head? All these can be answered instantly with the use of the smart phone. The apps such as Google Translate, Wikipedia, Merriam Webster’s Dictionary etc are all available on the smart phones making the world of knowledge in the palm of your hand. May be it’s time to redefine human intelligence.

For Your Spiritual Well beings

There are heavenly things on the go, no matter what religion you subscribed to. Thousands of Biblical or Quranic apps available on the appstore or apps market but the least you should install is the main book which is the Bible, Quran or Torah itself. There are also Hindu, Buddhist, Confucious and other religions books available. Imagine the whole thick books from heaven is available in one small app on your smart phone. There’s no reason to being naughty ever again as the word of god is in your pocket.

Final Note

Now you know, there are other things to do with your smart phone besides using it for Facebook, email, twitter and games. Playing a round of Angry Bird is real fun but there are other things more productive that you can do with your smart gadgets.

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