From Thailand to Singapore – a terrific, fantastic and wonderful journey

Destination South East Asia

If you are given one full month to travel, where would you go? You can opt to discover the little continent of India or the big horizon of China. But consider this, would you want to discover bits of the 2 big countries and more in one single route? Then head on to South East Asia, specifically to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.

Where to Start?

Geographically, Thailand is in the north, Malaysia in the middle and Singapore in the South. You can either start from the south to the north or north to the south. There’s no preference here but you have to decide in order for you to book the flight in and out. For me, I would prefer to start from the north which is from Thailand, specifically Phuket. You can start from Bangkok though but it will be a longer journey. I am afraid that you’ll fall in love with Thailand and never want to leave ; )

So, book that flight ticket to Phuket, Thailand. From the USA, you can book the flight from Thai Airways which costs around USD800 to USD900 if you book your ticket early. Travelling by road from Phuket to Singapore, it’s more thrilling to use the public transportation.


Phuket is like any other city in Thailand with tourism as the main industry. The main attraction here is the Patong beach which is very popular to European especially Russian. That’s why many signs here are adorned with Russian language. Patong beach is bustling with people day and night.

You can also visit the exclusive shopping area of Boulevard Cross, Jungceylon and Phuket Square. One thing that needs to be done by visitors are to try the body massage and facial treatment which is very cheap. Another attraction is the tomoi or Thai boxing match which is held almost every week at Bangla Stadium. Fighters are from different races and nationalities.

At night Patong Beach really come to life. Of course men can consider this as paradise as night clubs and pubs are so lively. There is also a pub with this signboard “Husband Day Care” that offers the “Day Care service” for the husband while the wife went shopping. It’s heaven, isn’t it?

From Phuket, we’ll travel to the next happening city, Hat Yai. Hop on the bus and take this 7-hour journey to Hat Yai.

Hat Yai

Hat Yai is famous as a shopping paradise among tourists. It offers a wide range of goods such as clothing, shoes, fabrics, bags, dry food is not only reasonable prices but can still be bargained for a cheaper price.

In Hat Yai, choose the hotel in the Central Hat Yai which will make your access to the happenings even easier. The area is where shopping complexes such as Lido Shopping Centre, Odeon Shopping Centre, and Sanehanuson are located. There are cheap goods and some are also expensive which commensurate with the quality of goods sold. There are also two large markets in the area which are Asian Trade and Kanchanawanit Street Greenway. These are a must visit place for tourists in this biggest city in the Southern Thailand. There is also a floating market in Klonghae which also a must visit interesting place in Hat Yai.

It is particularly pleasing when visiting the city if you take the local mode of transport, the tuk tuk. It is a three-wheel rickshaws serve as taxis. Tuk tuk was suitable for tourists to go through the crowded streets without any hassle. The riders though are experienced riders and don’t be too alarm with their speed. Normal rate is between only between 10 and 20 Baht, depending on distance traveled.

Another interesting place in Hat Yai is the Municipal Park where there is this Hat Yai cable car service. The overall length of the cable car is 535 meters. Besides tourist attraction, is is also a for Buddhists and Hindus ritual prayers. Phra Buddha Mongkol Maharaj temple were built in conjunction with the sixth anniversary of King Bhumibol in 1999 and it is the largest Buddha statue in southern Thailand with a height of 19.9 meters and weight of 200 tons.

Near the Municipal park is the Hat Yai Ice Dome where you can view the interesting ice sculptures.

As for the night life, same as Phuket, the nights are so lively here with pubs and bars and pole dancing. If you happened to be here, go and explore the limits of entertainment for yourself.

The journey will be continued…

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