The World’s Most Beautiful Girls

Where On Earth are the Prettiest Girls?

You may have a different view of who are the prettiest girls in the world. In fact, different people have got different opinions on who would be the most beautiful girls. However, generally people of the world have the common perception of who can be the most beautiful girls of the, at least, statistically from the two most famous beauty pageants of the world; Miss Universe and Miss World pageant.

So, where on earth are the most beautiful girls? In which country or regions are the earth’s prettiest girls hail from? From the stats, the answer in chronological order are as below.

Venezuela & Latin Americas

The undisputed champion of the most beautiful girls in the world goes to Venezuela as the country has 6 Miss Worlds and 6 Miss Universe. The 2008 and 2009 Miss Universe pageant were won by Dayana Mendoza and Stefania Fernandez respectively. Both are Venezuelan. Another Venezuelan beauty Ivian Sarcos also won the 2011’s Miss World contest.Besides Venezuela who has 12 pageant champions, there are in total 33 other Miss Universe and Miss Worlds from the whole of Central and Southern Americas ranging from Jamaica to Chile including 2010 Miss Universe, Jimena Rosete of Mexico.

I guess that’s make the Central and Southern American as the region with the most populous beauties of the world.

Europe’s Northern & Scandinavian

Another region that has the most number of beauties in the world is the Scandinavian region. Sweden got 3 Miss Universes and 3 Miss Worlds that makes it one of the country with most beautiful women in the world. Together with Finland, Iceland and Norway, they have 12 beauty champions from the two beauty pageants.

The most recent one is Unnur Birna of Iceland who won the Miss World in 2005.

Swedish beauties however have not won the title since 1984 but that doesn’t mean they are no longer pretty.


The third most populous place of beautiful girls would be India. There are 5 Miss World champions and 2 Miss Universe champions from India. India has Lara Dutta as the 2000 Miss Universe, Priyanka Chopra as the 2000 Miss World and Yukta Mookhey as 1999 Miss World champions. The latest winner from India is 2010 Miss Earth, Nicole Faria.

Winning the beauty pageants is also the ticket for these beauties to become actresses in the Bollywood movie scene together with the other Indian beauties such Kareena Kapoor, Aishwarya Rai and Madhuri Dixit.

Look at how pretty Neha Dalvi who is Miss India 2010


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  1. you are superb Neha you are most beautiful girl in this world
    you are most beautiful than All Miss World’s and all Bollywood Actress

  2. Miss World Title is Nothing in front of what titles you have achieved
    Most Beautiful Girl in World
    Most Beautiful Girl On Earth
    Most Beautiful Girl Of India
    Most Beautiful Girl Of Asia

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