Media Play Tip – Playing Sattelite TV Channels on a Projector

It is absolutely fun to have a 55-inch or even a 90-inch TV at home. It will feel like going to the cinema at the comfort of your own couch. But, only a few can afford those big screen TVs. There’s a cheaper option to having a cinema like feel at home. That is by having your a LCD Projector at home. The cheapest option is to get a used projector for a price of between USD150 to USD250. Just make sure you get the best hours on the remaining bulb life.

These projectors don’t normally has a input for HDMI. So, what you need is a converter to convert HDMI to VGA and a speaker or amp for sound.


The converter will enable the signal from the satellite receiver to be output to the projector, thus transforming your living room to a cinema like atmosphere.

At the side of the converter, there is a mini jack output where you can directly connects a computer speaker or you can opt to connect to your amplifier with a mini jack to composite cable.

This project can also work with your DVD or Blu-ray players.

You can blast the picture right on a light coloured wall which should work fine in a near to total darkness TV room.



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