Farmville MP3 – Re-living the Memory of the Facebook’s Most Amazing Game

Many of us has gone through this.. The period where Facebook started to become popular among us.. I can’t remember the name of this game where you have to go through the levels of becoming a powerful vampire or werewolves or even zombies. Then we challenged a friend for a fight. The more you win the more powerful you became. That’s one hell of an addictive that was then.

wrestlerAnother game that I can remember is the Wrestler game. I can’t recall the actual name of the game already. The game allowed you to create a wrestler and challenge a wrestler friend of yours. You have only 1 move before your friend made the next move. It could take a few days before you can complete the challenge. You can also challenge the few people above or below your ranking then move up or down the ranking. That was fun.


The next one is the Cafe World where you become a cafe owner and build the cafe from scratch. This game from Zynga let you compete with your friends in term of levels. It was quite an addictive games and you had to be on your toes every hour otherwise your dishes you were cooking will be wasted. You also had to maintain the appearance of the cafe so that many customers will come in.cafeworld

But the most memorable of all is the Farmville. It was the most popular game on Facebook and most of your friends played this game. You just need to add them as neighbors and you can start rise up the levels.

You start with a flat land and as per its name Farmville, you need to plant stuffs and rear some livestocks… sell them and earn money. It is the most addictive Facebook game that I ever played.

To re-live the fond memories of Farmville, here is the song that I managed to capture..

 Download Link farmville


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