Feb 05

How to Find Latitude and Longitude of a Location

Have you ever encounter the problem of giving the direction to your place to other people coming over for a party?  Or have you experience the problem of getting somewhere but fail to search the place by its the place or road name? The best way to point to exact location in Google Map or other map or navigation software is by getting the latitude and longitude of the place.

But how do you get the latitude and longitude for a location? You can use the Google Map or Bing Map to find the latitude and longitude but the easiest way is to access a website specifically designed for this which is http://itouchmap.com/latlong.html.


You can double click or double tap on the point and it will display for you the latitude and longitude. Using this latitude and longitude (e.g 3.015037,101.793240) in the search query will display the location on the map.

Sep 25

From Thailand to Singapore – a terrific, fantastic and wonderful journey

Destination South East Asia

If you are given one full month to travel, where would you go? You can opt to discover the little continent of India or the big horizon of China. But consider this, would you want to discover bits of the 2 big countries and more in one single route? Then head on to South East Asia, specifically to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Continue reading