Dec 07

How to Open a Protected Excel File When You Don’t Have the Password?

Have you ever encountered a situation when you have forgotten the password to your Microsoft Excel file that you’ve set to open your most important file? or You just simply want to crack open your enemie’s password protected Excel file. There is a way, actually.

The password that I’m talking about is the password set to open the file itself, not the worksheet protection password which is easier to crack.

The only way to crack open this file is by using a cracking software. The software that I used is called Passware Password Recovery Kit. There are plenty of other software in the market but this one is the one I use and it is proven to work, especially if the file is from MS Excel version 2003 and below.

Using the file is easy. Just choose Recover File Password and choose the file.. and taraa.. it’s there already…

However, it will be harder to crack Excel 2007 and higher because Microsoft using encryption..

If you need assistance for a very small fee, you can send me the file to and I will try to crack the file for you. If successful, I will inform you how to pay then I’ll reveal the password to you. Peace of your service.