Jan 29

Google Search Tips and Tricks – Finding Out the Distance between Two Places

There are plenty of ways you can utilize the Google Search to help you in your every day life. One of the wonder of Google Search is to find out the distance between 2 places. What do you need to do is just to type the query¬†in the Google Search ” google1Distance between¬† city 1 and city 2″. The example I gave here is the distance between Bangkok and Krabi in Thailand. Google Search returned the results with the route, distance and the estimated time to reach the city. Now you see, you don’t have to open your navigation software or even the Google Map in order to do this.

That’s awesome from Google Search.

Sep 25

From Thailand to Singapore – a terrific, fantastic and wonderful journey

Destination South East Asia

If you are given one full month to travel, where would you go? You can opt to discover the little continent of India or the big horizon of China. But consider this, would you want to discover bits of the 2 big countries and more in one single route? Then head on to South East Asia, specifically to Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. Continue reading