Feb 04

Media Play Tip – Playing Sattelite TV Channels on a Projector

It is absolutely fun to have a 55-inch or even a 90-inch TV at home. It will feel like going to the cinema at the comfort of your own couch. But, only a few can afford those big screen TVs. There’s a cheaper option to having a cinema like feel at home. That is by having your a LCD Projector at home. The cheapest option is to get a used projector for a price of between USD150 to USD250. Just make sure you get the best hours on the remaining bulb life.

These projectors don’t normally has a input for HDMI. So, what you need is a converter to convert HDMI to VGA and a speaker or amp for sound.


The converter will enable the signal from the satellite receiver to be output to the projector, thus transforming your living room to a cinema like atmosphere.

At the side of the converter, there is a mini jack output where you can directly connects a computer speaker or you can opt to connect to your amplifier with a mini jack to composite cable.

This project can also work with your DVD or Blu-ray players.

You can blast the picture right on a light coloured wall which should work fine in a near to total darkness TV room.



Feb 04

Google Tips and Tricks – Getting the Best Search Results from Google Search

No doubt, Google Search has been making our life easier these days. Anything you want to know is right on your finger tips. However, it will be even faster if you know how to search properly.

The key is the right keywords – all you need to know is to be very specific with the keywords to key in at the Google Search, what you want to search, to get the exact results you are looking for from Google Search. Giving you an example. The task is to search for a car to rent in Sydney, Australia.

A query of ” Car Rental in Sydney” at Google Search will return some results


A more specific query at the Google Search can return a more desired results. Let’s say you want to rent a motor home. You should put in the query as ” Car Rental in Sydney Motor Home” at the Google Search, which will lead you to a company that provide a motor home rental.



But if you want to specifically rent a motor home in Sydney with online Booking, you should be more specific and put in the query “Car Rental in Sydney Motor Home Online Booking” at the Google Search, which will lead to a company that offers a motor home rental in Sydney with you can do your booking online.


This technique can be applied on other search tasks and search engines to get a better search results and less time searching.